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Brag Bag 01 5x7 Instructions
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Brag Bag Set 1 5x7 consists of 7 designs shown above which 
make up the bag front as well as a back and side/base panel.
That's 9 designs in total to make up the set.

The sizes refer to the individual design sizes, not the size of the
 photo windows.

Shown above is the recommended layout for the bag front.

Shown above are the back and side panels. The bag back
 panel measures 4.52 x 4.52 inches and the side/base panel
 measures 3.02 x 4.52 inches.

Embroider four back panels and six side panels to make up the sides and base.

Each panel is embroidered onto water soluble Vilene. Fabric choice is important to ensure good results. I used black denim for my bag with a black polka dot cotton fabric for the lining and photo pockets. The bag handles were also made from denim. Vinyl is used to make the photo windows - this is optional as you could just embroider the openings without the vinyl.

All panels are stipple quilted. The stippling is decorative and also helps stabilize the panels in the hoop. This bag is not intended as a quilted item, so no batting is required.

Once all the panels are embroidered, clean the edges with a damp cloth to remove the excess Vilene. Please refer to the text file that comes with the designs for more specific embroidery instructions.

The panels are then zigzagged together on your sewing machine, using the same color embroidery thread as was used for the satin borders.

Recommended machine setting: W = 3.5 L = 1.

Some hand-stitching may be required for the final side and base seams - I found it difficult feeding the bag through my machine and therefore opted for a bit of hand sewing to finish the bag off.

For the handles I cut two strips of denim, each measuring approx 18 x 4 inches. I folded each strip in half lengthways and then folded the folds in half again (hope that makes sense) so that the raw edges are tucked inside the handles. Use a straight stitch to sew the handle together along the long edge.

Last but not least add your photos and you're ready for some bragging!


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